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Love, Life, Legacy: A Show About Sex

Mar 10, 2021

You’re in this place of darkness. Somewhere you feel like you are getting lost but there’s this light that you know will guide you to the right path. Pornography is like a war zone, and we as soldiers must never let our guard down because once we do, we'll get shot. We'll get blown up. 

Without realizing, this addiction is affecting your life right now in ways that you might not even realize. It’s impacting your life hugely, in which you might need to make a decision that is uneasy. 

If you’re really genuine in quitting your porn habit, then this episode is for you.

For today’s episode, Benji Uyama laid out several questions that might also be in your mind like: What is your primary reason for wanting to overcome this porn habit and your masturbation habits? What is the impact of porn in your life right now? How does it affect your relationships right now with the people in your life? Are you truly serious about getting help?

By answering these guide questions, you’ll be able to truly determine your sincerity in quitting this addiction. 

  • The primary reason for wanting to overcome porn and masturbation [2:56]
  • Recognize the impact that it has on your life. [03:46]
  • How porn impacts you [09:09]
  • How the porn industry is skewing the way that we view ourselves and others. [10:48]
  • Decisions you have to make with quitting porn [13:20]
  • Unification and how every single human being is innately given a sense of genius. [20:40]
  • Staying healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually [23:27]
  • Porn falsely creates temporary purpose in our lives and provides thrill and excitement that isn’t healthy. [24:11]
  • What we can do instead to have a strong and healthy mindset free of porn [25:16]